We administer the rights of music producers

MPO is the Danish music producers’ collective management organisation. It is a community where producers have come together to collectively administer rights where collective management makes more sense than individual agreements. We do this by collecting remuneration on behalf of music producers. And we do this by ensuring that the remuneration is distributed quickly and accurately to the producers.

MPO is a not-for-profit member organisation. We administer rights on behalf of our members and other music producers. It is crucial to us that the administration is efficient and transparent. At the same time, we take into account the current reality and we work concentrated to secure the business foundation of producers. We therefore value the dialogue with producers and users of the music.

In order to distribute efficiently the remuneration received by MPO, large amounts of data are processed. MPO has therefore together with Metafire designed mit.mpo where music producers can claim their repertoire. With mit.mpo, MPO can make the distribution of the remuneration as accurate as possible, and it is top priority continuously to improve the system. MPO is therefore constantly looking to develop and optimise the system.

Areas of revenue


MPO receives remuneration for retransmission of radio and TV channels. Retransmission is what happens when radio and TV signals are received and redistributed in community antenna networks. MPO receives the remuneration from Copydan, which is MPO’s most significant area of revenue.

DR and TV 2

MPO receives collective remuneration for music producers for the use of music and music videos by DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and TV 2 (a Danish public service TV channel). MPO receives remuneration when music videos are used on TV and when music is used on websites and other digital platforms where the viewer chooses the content (on demand). MPO also receives remuneration for the use of music rights in DR’s archive material via Copydan.

Blank media scheme

On behalf of the music producers, MPO receives a share of the collective remuneration which is paid as compensation for lawful private copying. One third of this remuneration is distributed through MPO’s support scheme, which twice a year supports different activities. MPO receives the funds via Copydan.


Via Copydan, MPO receives remuneration for the use of music and music videos in schools and distributes the funds to the music producers.


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