What we do

MPO is the Danish music producers’ collective management organisation. We administer the rights of music producers. We do this by collecting remuneration on behalf of the producers. And we do this by ensuring that the remuneration is paid quickly to the producers.

MPO pays remuneration to rights holders based on direct agreements with music users like DR and TV 2. We also administer and pay remuneration which we receive via Copydan agreements on retransmission of radio and TV channels and use of producer rights in education and in DR’s archive material. We also administer and distribute the collective remuneration received as compensation for lawful private copying. We do this through a support scheme, from which all Danish music producers can seek funds.

MPO is a not-for-profit member organisation, which administers copyrights on behalf of both our members and other music producers. It is crucial to us that the administration is efficient and transparent. We believe that listening makes us better at what we do. We therefore value the dialogue with both producers and users of the music.

At MPO, we always take into account the current reality and we work concentrated to develop and improve the distribution principles and systems for the processing of the large amounts of data which form the basis for the distribution of the remuneration. In particular, our claims system mit.mpo, where music producers may specify the repertoire to which they have the copyright, helps ensure that MPO distributes the rights remuneration correctly, efficiently and transparently.


We are transparent

As a collective management organisation, we prioritise transparency in everything we do. We want to make it easy to understand the many cash flows of the association.

We listen

It is important for us to engage in dialogue with rights holders, members and business partners, as together we create a strong and efficient association.

We optimise

We focus on efficiency and optimisation to ensure maximum value for the rights holders.

We focus on positive development

We seek to contribute to a positive development in the Danish music industry by exploring new development opportunities and supporting development projects for the benefit of the industry.


Søren Krogh Thompson (Chairman)

General Manager, Playground Music

Kristoffer Rom

Founder, Tambourhinoceros

Julie Findlay

Legal & Business Affairs Manager, Warner Music

Laura Littauer

Director, Sundance Music

Morten Ingholt

Financial Director, Universal Music

Henrik Daldorph

Director, Sony Music

Agreements on use of music

MPO works closely together with the licensing unit of the IFPI, which is the trade association of Danish music companies. The IFPI’s licensing unit concludes collective agreements on behalf of music producers. If it is easy to agree on the use of music, the music reaches more Danes. This creates value for music-loving Danes, music services and producers alike. Therefore, the licensing unit is constantly exploring new opportunities to conclude collective agreements that are meaningful for the users and at the same time strengthen the business foundation of music producers.

In addition to an agreement with the IFPI’s licensing unit, it will typically also be necessary to conclude an agreement with Koda, which administers the rights of composers and songwriters to the requested music.

Other use of music

Music in radio

Radio stations, which want to broadcast music, must conclude an agreement with Gramex, the joint organisation of performing artists and music producers. .

Music in TV productions

Producers, who create TV content, must conclude individual agreements with the music producers on use of music. However, this does not apply to DR and TV 2’s own-produced material.

Music in public space

To use music at the local café, in the workplace and in public places, you must contact Koda, which, together with Gramex, concludes agreements on behalf of music producers.

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Collection of personal data in connection with application for MPO membership
When applying for MPO membership, applicants are asked to provide company details. These details are registered, stored electronically and printed for filing purposes.